A blessed Wednesday to you and yours.!~

So what are your plans for the day?

It’s my third day of three days off from work♥

This is a bit strange for me, writing here for 40 days and asking all of you what’s on your agenda!~

And who are the ‘all of you?”

On Face book, so many of you came to Like, and to share what was on your agenda.

Wonderful dialogues took place.

Yesterday I left a comment on my post asking God if it was going to be just Him and I here?

This morning I woke up to see some came to visit.

Thanks Dee and Lenise♥

I love the snow Dee♥


God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

blessings, angela





  1. I covered you Denise:Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to bring this precious one before Your throne. Your Word tells us to come boldly before Your throne where we are able to receive grace and mercy in our time of need. Heal my precious sister and she will be healed. Save her oh Lord and she will be saved for You are the One we praise. Heal her mentally,emotionally, physically and spiritually. Touch her from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Let her KNOW You are for her and not against her, that You have plans to prosper her and not to harm her. That the good work that You have started in her, You WILL complete. You will NOT leave her in this state forever..what Satan has used to harm her Father God, You are using it for her good and for the saving of many lives. The mess that is in her life is becoming Your message of power and glory revealed….amen amen amen


  2. Agreeing with you…Amen. Praying God will give Denise the strength she needs and a speedy rehab for her sister.

    I will be busy painting my living room today.


    • Thanks Cathy for linking arm in arm with us with Denise’s sister and for Denise♥ Thank you thank you thank you for telling me what your doing today..lol♥ I’m heading off right now for a cup of coffee at Diane’s, than maybe doing a video there too♥


  3. Hey Ang I know it’s the end of the day but I just got your message about no FB and your new blog!! Love ya girlfriend, my sister in Christ!! I did a workout for the first time in months today lol! Hubby is bringing home steaks for dinner and we are going to have a quiet evening in!! Take care and God bless!! Wendy ❤


    • Oh joy joy joy Wendy.♥ Not only did you tell me about your day, you told me what your eating..YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. God is so good.♥ LOL….That’s all I kept thinking..’oh Lord, how am I going to do this, not knowing what every one is doing and what they are eating?”..lol God knows how much I appreciate you coming over here to link arm in arm with me..Love ya too girl and thanks for the blessings.♥


  4. I had been Away off posting on FB becuase of my sickness it is taking a turn for the worse but I just saw how you are blogging now! I love you blessings rock,,,your signature right before you sign off of anything. I will have fun it catching up. my aunt wrote my last update becuase it was too hard for me to writte, bless her heart. Sad so lives too many states away ! Love YA GIRL,


    • Oh what joy to see you here Michelle…I want to cry with joy.♥ I hate that cancer. I’m a blessed woman to have you by my side even though we are separated by too many states and provinces. God has brought us together, to be linked arm in arm on this journey of joy.God is good all the time and all the time God is good.♥


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