So what’s on the agenda today folks?

What are you plans for the day?

Any prayer requests?

Yesterday was a quiet day here.

Both for Fearless Friday and for what was on everyone’s agenda.

On the other hand, work and home was anything but quiet…

sigh sigh sigh♥

It pretty much was me and God yesterday.

I’m grateful for the support I receive at The Sacrificial Diet Face book group.

I can’t get over how much fellowship and camaraderie I received through the group and my own Face book page.

I hated Face book and didn’t want much to do with it for a few years.

I preferred blogging.

This past year of not blogging and being on Face book changed that.

More interaction, more fellowship, sharing heart to heart, linked arm in arm.

Warrior princess sisters, daughters of the Most High God being brought together from across the world to connect with one another.

That’s changed now.

This journey of posting here for 40 days will definitely be a challenge for me but also a teachable moment.

I don’t know what the ‘purpose’ of this blog is yet for.

Time will tell.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

blessings, angela



  1. Hi Angela; nice to find your blog sweet FB friend!!! I love the friendship and fellowship too, and so thankful we have been introduced!! Have a blessed weekend and may all your prayers be answered!! ♥

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  2. Oh what joy to see you here first thing this morning Denise.♥ Thank You Jesus for bringing a warrior sister here to link arm in arm with me right now as I journey here for 40 days. I’m so thankful also Denise for connecting with you on fb. I find it so funny too though because I had such a hatred for face book, didn’t think there would be nothing there for me, no interaction, no heart to heart.God truly has done more than I could have asked or imagined…Blessings to you this day sweetie. Thanks again for stopping by.♥


  3. Hello Angela, Omg, I track you down, lol. Blogging is a new experience for me , so happy to catch up with you here. Best of luck in your journey in the lent season for you, and excited to see what happens here with our sisters in God and us all linked together for the ride!!!! God bless!!!!

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    • Linked together for the ride!~ Praise God Diane because I need to be, or I’ll jump out of the ride and tumble out. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. It’s like we are the only ones here Di, hardly anyone is around…LOL…I can scream, yell and shout to the moon!~It says I have 53 followers already? I’m still shaking my head here. This is all new to me too. Like let me know if you get a message back that I have replied to you..LOL.

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  4. Well I just finished spending some time at The Sacrificial Diet, and thanks to my Barbie with her encouragement and inspiration I’m going to be working on making a jean pant bottom apron.♥ I’m just so excited!~I’m going to be using the jeans I had when I was at my lowest weight almost three years ago. Thanking the Lord for being able to see blessings around. I can’t thank Barb enough for the love and support she has given me♥ I am heading off now to write in my chore journal. Praying this will be a daily habit.♥

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      • lol. I’m laughing to myself and God Denise, because I’m thinking..’cripe Lord, when does she think I’m going to get it done, next week?..LOL..now I’m laughing silly…(quietly though because family is still sleeping and my loud ‘cankerous’ laugh sets them all off…sigh♥ I don’t have a pattern, need to do a lot of asking questions to people that do this. But I will definitely show the finished product. Who know, maybe another video of me sewing..I’ll have to tell Diane that one..LOL


  5. Good Morning Sunshine.
    Love the new blog. Love the header! Gorgeous.
    Today I am cleaning the boys room. Tony and Massimo share a room and it’s a disaster right now. While Tony is still in Florida (until Sunday night… it was his reading week).. I figure it’s a good time to get it done. I’ve already accomplished quite a bit on the cleaning schedule today. Upstairs washroom.. beds all made… kitchen.. carpets and floors upstairs vacuumed and kitchen floor washed!
    I feel so much better when the house is clean. So happy to have found my motivation again! 🙂

    I’m also headed up to the mall shortly. The Leisure Fair is on and I have to go and sign Gabby up for softball. Dinner out tonight! Woo Hoo!!

    I hope you have a better day today Sweetie. I’m keeping you and yours in my prayers. Love you, Laura


    • By the way I was blessed by another warrior approaching me on Face book, Lauren Perkins. She wanted to bless me and help me get this blog going. She’s a very talented artist too. I don’t even know if she has her own blog..I’ll have to ask her.I’m not sure if I did this properly but I replied to your message but not sure if I did it correctly here, so I’m coping it over and sending it with this message..lol. Will figure out then, how to delete the older one..lol♥You know what this reminds me of Laura? I had a vision of us way back when Free Spirit Haven was a MSN group. Even back then, I needed to know what everyone was up too♥ It definitely does help with getting us motivated when we ‘see’ others are steaming ahead also in their day♥

      You definitely have accomplished quite a bit..Hoot hoot. I just finished putting a load of many loads in (I may have four at the most today, I’m doing some carpets and bedding’s). I finished writing in my chore journal. I should do a video showing you all the pretties I got in this. The binder itself reminds me of you beautiful warrior sister!~♥

      I need to go and get dressed. I’m forcing myself not to let it be a pj’ day..I’ll work on the Fly Lady (as I have my shoes on now..hoot hoot, with my pj’s of course..LOL)♥

      What a blessing to see you here Laura. God KNOWS how much I needed your face here♥ It blesses me knowing we are linked arm in arm with one another. Maybe not physically but definitely in the spiritual realm♥

      Before I go, guess what? I’m heading to Barrie soon. I’ll give you the dates when I head out. Will see if we can hook up for a cup of tea♥


  6. I have to share here…’Nice screen saver’ was the comment that hubby gave as he got off my lap top. I told him it was my blog that Lauren had been working on for me. “Very nice”. I shared with Lauren through email that my husband does not come easy to giving praise, so it was a blessing to my heart when I heard it, and had to share with her, and now with you here you join me this blessed Saturday.♥ I’m dressed (forced myself…yahooo, getting disciplined) , laundry is continuing and now I’m heading back down in the basement to continue on with chores…blessings and know your loved and prayed for dear ones.

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    • Oh Happy belated Anniversary but hoot hoot Anniversary weekend.((hugs)) One of the things I really miss about fb…to say happy birthday, or happy anniversary, or I’ll be praying for you…Of course, missing what the heck you ate yesterday and where the heckorini you went too♥ lol


  7. Off to work here shortly. It is my Friday!!! Woohoo!!! Plans for the next two days are to visit my Grandma and finish cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. New decorations to put up in both. Curtains to wash in the bedroom and rearrange the furniture. Going to be a busy two days. And maybe hubby and I can go out for dinner too.

    Nighty night!!!

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    • Hoot hoot..it’s your weekend girl. Just like me♥..Look at us Walmart diva girls♥ ..lol I’ve had an amazing awesome glorious time with Abba in His Word, ended up getting some beautiful pictures for the header of my blog, and for face book once I’m arrive on Easter morn’. Last night was not a good night for me with food. Bad choices.The Holy Spirit revealed to me that I’m eating to keep me away from what needs to get done. There is a difference between eating to sustain and keep you living a whole and healthy life, and than there is eating for no particular reason….some light bulb moments this Sabbath of mine. One is that I am going to read Psalm 25 every day also when I’m in my quiet chair and spending time with the Creator of the Universe..God Almighty♥!~Hallelujah♥


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