Hey hey hey……..So what’s on the agenda today folks?

Even though I’m technically NOT on face book, I DO go to my page and see who has come to see me and if anyone has stayed for a bit♥

My time away from posting on my Face book page and visiting all of my family, friends and followers will finish in 21 days!~♥

I love what Linda Fode spoke and prayed over me a few days ago…

“I’ll be praying for you as you find the words He wants you to share with the world. Love Linda”

I know my time away from fb and beginning to build up my blog Free Spirit Haven is God’s way to building me up for this ministry .

Plus working at Walmart helps..LOL…giggling away here quietly so I don’t wake up my family with my ‘cackle laugh’…lol

I tell ya, working in Retail, has helped me with FEAR.

Face everything and rise.

No longer forgetting everything and running.

You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. 2 Corinthians 3:3

blessings, angela




  1. Just let the dogs out and warmed up the truck. Hubby started with the ‘don’t warm it up yet’..CONTROL…irrational. I laughed because I was NOT going to do the bla bla bla of arguing like a fool so early in the morning. The enemy of our souls will do whatever it takes to steal, kill and destroy from us. Praising God Almighty that Christ has come to give us not just a life but an abundant life…God is good all the time and all the time God is good.♥

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    • Amen! I hope you have a great day. What time are you working until? Church for me this morning and then we’ll see. Yesterday we ended up shopping for my niece’s upcoming baby birth and also for my sister’s birthday. We also went out for Thai food…delicious but not in alignment with my tummy’s wishes, lol. We went home and fell asleep watching t.v. 🙂

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      • It is wonderful having a nice little nap during the day. I thank God for those times and how it refreshes me to then go about pitter pattering around in strength and perseverance. I adore Thai♥ I start my weekend..yahoooooooooooooo..I worked till 3:30, now I’m off for two days. Thank You sweet Jesus for this blessed refreshment that has come. Retail equals servant…serving the public…..Providing. Assisting. God knows I have an attitude of wanting to be served like a queen..lol♥ LOL Confessions from a Walmart diva girl….I’m learning to have a servant’s heart, I think I’m at a C now…lol..giggle giggle.Definitely not close to an A…cripe…LOL

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  2. Applied for a job Friday. It will allow me to run when my sister gets ill or injured. It’s just a sub position at the town school…gives me a stomach ache just thinking about going back out “into the world”. Please pray that I am not fearful for the interview or job if either/both come. ❤

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  3. Hey Angie, have a good day at work. I am still sick but broke thru having the body aches/ chills part of whatever I have here. Still feel weak but I am keeping the rest and fluid up which has help. Thanks for the payers and hopefully maybe Monday start up walking with you again! !!!

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    • Someone at work stated that it would be good for you to start back to walking too Diane. “Tell her to bundle up” is what she♥ I need to get my running shoes one and head out in a bit. Just got home , grabbed myself a glass of water, adding lemon juice to it.I really fell like the Holy Spirit is telling me there is no reason why I should not be walking every day. Even if it is 10 minutes, it is still something healthy and an awesome habit to have♥ Randy came home with a bag of ju jubes. Took a handful. Ate and started to talk to the Holy Spirit…’what am I going to do?” is what I said…Asher came in the room and I said..’here Asher, for you’. Randy came into the room and I told him ,’please don’t buy these for me anymore’…♥

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