I’m on a roll today in blog land!~

Same with You tube!~

Face book also but I can’t comment on anything there until Easter morning♥



  1. Sitting here, drinking my lemon water and taking in this message…Have a load of laundry going, another on the way.More than we could ask or imagine in Christ Jesus..amen amen amen…no more doom and gloom. Love believes the best…sees the good♥ amen amen amen. God has given me a gift of discerning the negative and what it can do. He also has given me a gift of discerning the good and the power in it.The fruits of the Spirit, love, joy peace patience kindness goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self control. Believing the best in all circumstances. That our God is for us and not against us EVEN though the world declares the opposite.Hallelujah, God’s power and glory alive and well in each of us…We shine for God’s love…”The solution to fear is the presence of God”.


  2. Found this at the River Walk blog…God, I want to be just like You. More than anything I want to be like You. Help me to understand that this isn’t just about walking on water and raising the sick from the dead. Being like You means I balance my mental and social life. Being like You means seeing to my physical well being as well as my spiritual well being. Help me to truly understand that focusing on the last while ignoring the other three isn’t healthy. It isn’t Godly. It isn’t You. Help me to live in balance, so that You might be glorified through me…..amen amen amen


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