hey hey hey…..What’s on the agenda today folks?

Want to try another day of no complaining?

Let’s add to it,no more excuses.

Let’s start taking ownership for our own behavior.

Let others be responsible for their own behavior. It’s not your job to fix them.

Your job is to be the best YOU can be.

No excuses, no complaining.

Just be who God destined you to be.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,Ephesians 1:18

blessings, angela



  1. Waiting for hubby to get out of the bathroom so I can finish off with my hair♥…He’s driving today which means I’m going to be a tad bit late. I’m one of those types that prefers to be early than arrive just on time or a bit late…It’s ok though, it’s not a big deal. I’m thankful I have a ride to work. I’m thankful that my husband is willing to drive me to work because he doesn’t have too. No one has to do anything, it’s their choice. Our choice to love, our choice to hate. I choice to be thankful and our choice to complain. I choice to persevere and our choice to make excuses. Our choice to be bitter. Our choice to be better. I’ve walked on the dark side for a LONG time. I don’t wear a Dark Vader jacket for nothing you know..LOL♥ (seriously, my ‘winter jacket’ these days).I’m choosing Light!~ Galatians 2:20♥

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    • Thanks Di. It was a pretty good day. Had some hear to heart with a co worker. I LOVE how the Holy Spirit speaks to me during times like these to remind me it’s the love of Christ I’m there for and for the burdens that others carry.I’m not to carry their burdens, I’m there to let them know it’s not healthy to be carrying burdens of strife.Forgive….let go…love, respect and honor…


  2. Not complaining, just getting over pneumonia, and I wake up with a cold today, going to the doctors at 5:30, need prayers that it has not come back, please !
    Now the good stuff what a beautiful day ! hope you get a chance to go out and enjoy the day !!
    God is good !!

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    • All the time God is good. amen amen amen. Dear heavenly Father, Abba, Daddy I lift up Carolyn to Your throne where she is able to receive grace and mercy in her time of need. Heal her oh Lord and she will be healed. Save her oh Lord and she will be saved for You are the One we praise…in Jesus Christ’s Name we declare amen amen amen♥ I’m heading off for a walk soon Carolyn to enjoy this glorious sunny day that Abba has blessed us with…♥


    • I hear ya, about needing both. I am walking now and thank God SO much for having that each day now. The Bible study needs to come, when I get back on Face book I’m going to open it up to see who would be interested in coming….


  3. Complaining and excuses. it’s almost an every day occurrence and many of believe we are justified by our behavior, and belief. Why did Abba talk about not complaining and murmuring?Excuses were going on at the beginning of time as well as complaining. Adam and Eve…We may have the DNA of our ancestors but more powerful is the DNA of God Almighty running through our veins through Christ Jesus . I have to keep reminding myself whose daughter I am.God Almighty.


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