Save money .

Live better.

Quite simple.

When one struggles with addictions, phobias and such, saving money and living better can be a difficult.

Save money and live better can be done.

It is our choice.

Are we willing to put the effort it takes?

Am I willing to give up instant gravitation for a longer goal?

Saving money doesn’t mean you will live better, because living better is also a choice.

One letter, our choice.

An ‘i’, or an ‘e’?

Bitter or better?

blessings, angela





  1. Angela, my son just had a baby girl, I am a Grandma for the first time, could you please pray for me and my family my son is not talking to me. I need peace, thanks

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    • Praying..Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to bring this precious one before Your throne. Your Word tells us to come boldly before Your throne where we are able to receive grace and mercy in our time of need. Heal my precious sister and she will be healed. Save her oh Lord and she will be saved for You are the One we praise. Heal her mentally,emotionally, physically and spiritually. Touch her from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Let her KNOW You are for her and not against her, that You have plans to prosper her and not to harm her. That the good work that You have started in her, You WILL complete. You will NOT leave her in this state forever..what Satan has used to harm her Father God, You are using it for her good and for the saving of many lives. The mess that is in her life is becoming Your message of power and glory revealed….amen amen amen


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