One of my mentor’s at work (I have three,,ya, I’m a whole lotta…giggling here..

Ok, back to my story, one of them said something many years ago that has really helped me with the social phobia and anxiety.

This picture above was taken when I first started in 2010.

“Angela, your here to do a job. Your not here to make friends. If you do, great, if not, your here to do a job.”

I’ve kept that in the back of mind when there have been times I felt left out, or the phobias were trying to take over.

“Ang, just do your job and make sure your smiling.”

On the other hand I can go to the extreme where I’m so focused on doing my job that I’m not smiling or saying hello to anyone..LOL♥

A  few times I have had to tell my co workers that I’m not mad or angry, I’m just doing my job and just don’t have time to talk..LOL♥

I keep reminding myself for crying out loud♥

blessings, angela



  1. I love it that you have THREE mentors 🙂
    As for the smile, that’s a BIG on in the Special Care Unit where I visit Mother many days a week. The residents there REALLY pick up on – and reflect – the expression on a person’s face/tone of voice, etc.


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