Heart love

I learned this lesson awhile ago when I was working in another grocery store, No Frills.

This lesson has been brought to me NUMEROUS times now where I work.


I’ve mentioned many times that each of us has a story to tell.

Many of us just don’t share it.

So that being said, we need to remember that we don’t know what is going on with someone’s life at that moment in time.

Why are they behaving the way they are?

It is not towards us that they are really directing their hurt, or rudeness, or anger, or whatever….

“I’m buying my nephew this outfit. It was supposed to be his going home from the hospital but now we are not sure if it will be for his burial.”

“I’m just coming home from the hospital out of town. My mother has just died. She was having radiation for the cancer she was fighting. Her heart just stopped beating and they couldn’t revive her. I have to go home now to tell my children.”

When I am dealing with someone’s rudeness and disrespect, the thought that comes to my mind many times is, ‘what are they going through right now that is causing them to lash out on me?”

The other is a prayer..”God, help me behave.”….lol

blessings, angela






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