Just got back from a tour with McMaster Children’s Hospital

Met with Jessica and her parents.005

Had a tour and listened to the stories of the lives that were changed because of the helping hand we did at the check out when a cashier asks if we would like to donate a dollar to Children’s Miracle Network♥

This year each store in out district is doing something also a bit differently in helping raise funds for the Network.

As many of you know, our store had face painting all weekend long♥ It was wonderful seeing the children’s painted faces as they shopped with their family♥


I’m in the process of helping raise money with having my hair cut off♥

I’m hoping Jessica will do the honors of cutting off my ponytail (which will go to Wigs for Cancer). One of the Duty Manager’s will be joining me getting her hair buzzed too♥

My hair has never been as long as it is right now.


People keep asking me if I’m scared about doing?


This is in the playroom at McMaster. The children can be Dr.’s also while they have their stay there (some for quite a few months).


They can cook up a delicious meal for their family♥


They can spend some time being a kid without a care, for a little bit before they face the mountain they must climb.

So am I scared?

How can I be when I know it is making a difference in getting the equipment that can save their lives, help make their time spent there more comfortable and fearless as can be♥


If you so feel led to donate, please email me at message me on Face book Angela Redekop, call me, whatever…♥

blessings, angela



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