As I took a break from gardening, I sat by the fire and took this picture♥

Live better.

I am not sure if it is Mental Health Week, or Month but that is what this is about.

Living better with whatever you are dealing with.

Be it mental illness, cancer, diabetes, stroke,dysfunctional relationships and codependency, etc, etc.

I shared with my bff today about lessons learned at work.

How I behave at work should be the same as I behave at home.

Just because I’m having a bad day, hard day, frustrating day does not give me the right to take it out on those around me.

Communicating to one another from a place of respect and honor.

Shut my mouth if I am unable to do it and wait for a time I have more self control over that tongue of mine.

Holding each other accountable.

Hard one to do when you struggle with people pleasing, not wanting anyone to get upset with you or angry, or being intimated.

I will tell you though, it is less painful than living the other way…

“Get more for your family”.

Live better gets you a sweet life♥

blessings, angela



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