With someone in an email on depression.

Depression kills. Plain and simple.

It is not a simple slow death though...

I've learned that we are bigger then depression.

Reason being, I know Who my Daddy is. And no matter what I'm facing, He's called me to face it and rise....
RISE♥ Not be in fear and forget everything and run.....

We need to release those that have hurt us and ignored us in love. Our thoughts towards them need to be of blessings
and not curses.

Does not mean we need to start putting ourselves out there for them? No, it just means we forgive and let those memories

blessings, angela

3 thoughts on “A FEW THOUGHTS I SHARED

    • The kids and I have even been talking about stuff like that, and noticing certain foods, when we eat it, how it makes us feel afterwards….Maria starts her month off and she said she was really going to try to eat ‘clean and less process food….


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