I haven’t done any posts on homemaking lately because of the 21 Day Challenge from negativity that I started.

Thought today was a perfect day to start another one.

“Truly enjoying my time at Home.”

If you been following along long enough with me, you know I call it like it is.

Right now some are struggling with enjoying their time at home.

That’s a problem.

It’s not something that you just ‘live with’.

I’ve seen  pictures of where these young women were held captive for 10 years by their captor and abuser, one of them even giving birth to his child.

What struck me the most from those pictures were how each young woman made their little space, their ‘prison’ as pretty and bright with pictures, and writings on the wall.

I thought to myself about how blessed we were to be free to come and go from our own homes.

How blessed we are to make our homes an enjoyable place to be.

It takes enjoyable work to make your house a home.

It’s worth all the hard work♥


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