Each and every day I cover myself and loved ones in Psalm 25.

Today my eyes were focused on some of my own writings.

*giant of financial debt trying to steal, kill and destroy. May 4/15

*out of the RED. (used a red dot) June 14/15

*found out our bills are larger than our income. July 10/15

Today I sensed the Holy Spirit nudge me to write these words…

God is BIGGER. July 18/15

This challenge from negativity is challenging me to focus not only on what I’m thinking, but speaking, writing, and behaving.

How are you making out?


3 thoughts on “WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS?

  1. Fighting those negative thoughts first thing in the morning is hardest for me. I find if I’m in neutral, ie, thinking about whatever flows in my mind when I first wake up, even that’s not good enough. Those will lead to negative thoughts without even six degrees of separation. I have to actively start positive, taking hold of everything that comes thru. This is hard for a dreamer, but I’m thankful for your reminders!

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    • I’m a dreamer too and I keep hearing the Holy Spirit speak to my heart..’Angela, what are you doing?”..oh ya, I forgot..LOL♥….praise God for His patience and His gentle reminders…take those thoughts captive. He’s REALLY working on old negative thought patterns concerning my marriage…well every part of my life, parenting, relationships, work, here on the internet…etc. etc…I want to thank you for sharing your heart with me here ..((hugs)) Thank you♥

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