I was going to leave this in the comment section of my last post but thought this would be perfect for a blog post, forget the comment section..lol♥

Just sharing my heart here♥

Someone shared yesterday that they deal with anxiety all day long
.As I was busy getting another load of laundry in, I was talking to Jesus (not out loud,….this time..lol) and the Holy Spirit interrupted me……
He does that quite often, well actually He calls me out on what I’m saying, what I’m thinking about.
“Look at what is whirling around your head. Is that peaceful and calm?Is that truly what Jesus would even think about? Will it even matter in 10 years?”
I left a comment  back to that person yesterday that not only do I deal with anxiety on a daily basis, sometimes it is minute by minute.
I will tell you this, I praise God…I PRAISE GOD that I am able to walk in more peace of mind and heart, than anxiety and fear.
He has given me the strength, the courage and the power to do the impossible. 
We are to live positively in this very negative world.
blessings, angela

6 thoughts on “JUST SHARING MY HEART

  1. Thanks Angela, yes we must keep our faith in God, at all times, anxiety is nasty, it is the Devil trying to get a foothold on us.
    My faith in God is so strong, that Satan comes after you at your weak spot , my children, my son had a baby almost 6 months ago and Johnathan and his girlfriend have decided I will not see the baby or be part of her life … long story, they do not like my faith, and of course I have to Pray for them , having difficulty doing that, when I am so hurt, you tell your friend I will not let the Devil win, and I will continue to fight the anxiety… God is everything to me, and I do not want to disappoint him, I will put all of my faith and trust into God, Jer 29:11 right !

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    • You are a MIGHTY warrior Carolyn that Abba has allowed the enemy to come at you this far. What the enemy has used to bring you harm, remember, God is and WILL use it for your good and the saving of many (your family…). I encourage that you continue to not only pray but love on them with blessings…♥


  2. yes … God is so good… He loves it when He is part of our everyday.
    Our laundry, our mopping, our prepping meals … our quiet time …
    its also amazing how He affects What we’re reading/watching/listening too.
    And it’s all so freeing. Never cumbersome. Always liberating.


    Kris Kory Music

    Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:38:13 +0000
    To: krismann@live.com

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  3. Thanks for the reminder! I have an anxiety disorder and this post really hit home. I have to do a better job remembering to praise God and let go. My friend and I have this silly saying that goes, “God’s in Charge, NOT Charles.” 🙂 It is a play on the title of a short-lived sitcom called “Charles in Charge,” starting Scott Baio that aired years ago. We use this as a reminder to keep our eyes fixed on Christ.


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