Now here I sit in bed…lol

No bon bons beside me (don’t have any junk food in the house…lol)

As I got out of the car at Diane’s, I told her as I started heading home…

“Now I have to clean because I let the world know I was going to clean for a week.”


It felt good to clean. It was enjoyable and fun.

My conversation with myself as I cleaned.

“OH, I’m enjoying myself so much. This feels just wonderful. I love doing this.”

“OH, it’s not always like this though, there are times when it’s not fun nor enjoyable and your going to want to just crawl into bed instead of dealing with it.”

I went through one Rubbermaid bin of Christmas decorations tonight and I’m up to 6 items already that I’m giving away!~♥

I’m so thankful and grateful that I have challenged myself to post each day what I’ve done for with the cleaning schedule.

My agenda♥….

For those of you on Face book do you remember the posts…So what’s on the agenda today folks?

My Agenda for the day?

I don’t feel like writing a chapter…LOL.

I’ll just share my cleaning schedule for the day♥

blessings, angela



  1. Keep up the good work! You are amazing…you have so much more “get up and go” than I do! Sometimes I want to start, but I get overwhelmed and just do something else 😦


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