Well here I  sit in bed getting my blog post up and running♥

7:30 pm.


I’m calling that God’s odd sense of humor in my life.

I’ve been praying for quite some time that I would stop going to bed so early with only doing the bare minimal.

Well I can honestly say I am going to bed early BUT I have accomplished my cleaning schedule, plus I went through another Christmas bin!~  I got rid of a few more things.HOOT HOOT

As I go about cleaning each room, I’m prioritizing.

What needs to be cleaned more than other areas?

Start on that for now.

I have to catch myself in not getting lost in the details.

I can spend a half hour just getting a vignette just so…lol♥

When you struggle with depression, it can have different effects on you.

You can clean obsessively, or you can not clean at all.

I’m working on the straight and narrow.

Just do the task in front  of me and everything will fall into place.

Having a cleaning schedule, personally helps me to focus.

Plus telling all of you what I’m doing, is holding me accountable..lol♥

I like that!~

blessings, angela



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