Train for battle

The title of this picture is Training for Battle.

I’m NOT training for battle, I am battling each and every day.

I told Diane this morning that as I was loading the boxes yesterday that I was giving away to Redeemed Goods, I had a vision of boxes piled on the lawn from one of our excursions with yard saling.

Diane would come home with maybe two items and I would have the car FILLED with all my stuff…

I’m giggling away here at the insanity of it all.

I told her how I remember my eldest and husband telling me to stop, it was getting out of control and me looking at them as if they have no idea what they were talking about.

I’m ‘beautifying’ the home , what’s so wrong with that?

They just didn’t get it.

I also remember a time with my eldest and my husband  getting rid of an 8 ft table that I had picked up and had them bring it into the house earlier for a few months.

That is when the basement was COVERED with all my ‘stuff’.

I broke down crying and told them I was sorry. They were right. I had gotten out of control and out of hand with all my collecting.

I’m struggling since earlier this morning to go to bed and stay there.

I forced myself to rake some leaves!~

Felt good.

Did some laundry and emptied another Christmas bin.

Took down another one to start working on that whenever…

We had a motivational speaker come to church this morning.

Talked about breast cancer. Talked about depression.

Go and visit her at http://www.wendy.ca♥

Pretty powerful story of a mess of a life becoming God’s message of power and glory revealed in her, through her and around her♥

blessings, angela





5 thoughts on “I DON’T WANT TO BUT I’M GOING TO

    • I have to keep focused because I lose sight when I’m so busy looking at my own problems, my own trials and tribulations. It really is ridiculous at times how I can forget that God is BIGGER than anything I’m facing….


  1. Opened up another Christmas bin and emptied it, went through some paper work (which causes anxiety), organized that and dealt with it♥ I’m in bed, in my pj’s and ready to chill, read a book do some tv, have popcorn and go to bed early. It’s been a very productive weekend. Dealing with lots of ‘stuff’ doing much of it afraid, but I’m doing it…glory to God.♥


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