Well it’s 9:10 pm. and I am NOT IN BED.

….I waited a few seconds to continue writing because I wanted you all to get back in your seats because you fell off…lol

Yes I am still up.

As soon as I get this post up and running, I’m heading down stairs to hang some clothes, THAN I’m going to bed!~

Since I knew this was going to be my late night shift (home by 7:45 pm.), I doubled up on cleaning yesterday.

I cleaned the fridge tonight. That was my goal.

The other one was to decorate.

I’m not ‘feeling’ it right now.

I am listening to Christmas carols though as I type this out.

Ok folks.

I checked in. I’m cleaning.♥

I am even staying up later♥

Well for tonight….


blessings, angela



6 thoughts on “GETTING IT DONE

    • bit by bit, step by step I’m getting ready for Christmas…It will take hubby weeks to set up outside…He’s starting late with what needs to get done…so say some prayers for him please…and my daughter who helps him♥


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