Sometimes you have to look REALLY intently to find the blessings.

It’s almost 6 pm. and I’m in bed.

Once I finish writing this post, I’ll get back up and spend some time decorating the tree downstairs in the man cave.

As my dad said to me today, “I only work till I feel like it’s becoming work.”

I want to enjoy decorating my tree. I don’t like the feeling ‘it’s a job’ and I HAVE to get this done NOW.

I don’t even like that with where I work.

I believe where ever I am, there is a purpose.


Well sometimes it’s a no brainer and you do what you need to do, other times you wonder what the heck your supposed to do!~

I’m keeping to my cleaning schedule.

Sunday’s are a ‘day of rest’ for the most part so any extra cleaning or chores I do, is just an added bonus.

I’ve been decorating for Christmas now for 15 days…♥ Still going…lol

I’m praying for Paris and the world.

Peace out folks until tomorrow.♥


blessings, angela




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