It’s hard for me to be positive when I’m surrounded by ‘mess’.

I’m here to tell ya, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean I’m not positive.

Or like I tell the customers when they tell me to have a good day too, “I’m working on it”, or “I’m trying, at least I’m trying. ”

Tonight it’s the rec room or as I call it ‘the man cave’.

Hubby has let it get real dusty.

It doesn’t bother him he says.


Let it go and shake shake it off Ang……

That is his ‘room’ to do whatever.

Not my business to go and start up, stir up and stress up.

Except for the holidays….lol


I wasn’t even going to do a tree or anything down there this year because it is his ‘room’ and the dust was ridiculous.

He dusted.

Ok, folks, I gotta go.

It’s 8 pm. I’m NOT in bed yet….

blessings, angela





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