My supervisor asked me what was up with all the looks I was making with my face.

You know me, gotta keep it real.

“I’m having a panic attack. I had a dream before I even came back here to work, that the customers wouldn’t stop coming and I was stuck here till 7:30 pm.” We closed at 2.

Honestly, it felt good to tell her.

I’m so glad she commented on my behavior….lol♥



Forgetting everything and running.

That is what I have done for a long time when I faced fear.


Face everything and rise.

That’s what I  am in the process of doing now.

I’m not running away anymore.

God has called us to stand our ground warriors.

In love, respect and honor.

By the way, I’m done with my cleaning schedule posts.

I’m just going to ramble now.

blessings, angela



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