There are a few of you out there that need this right now.

You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand. Psalm 16:11

The path of living a whole and healthy life doesn’t have excuses.

The path of life wakes up filled with joy in God’s presence.

For those of us that have carried around weight (be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) we have made a list of excuses. We covered ourselves with denial.

The joy that we seek while being in God’s presence can be covered with guilt and regret.

We need to let go of all those weights so we can hear….

I will hear what God the Lord will speak: for He will speak peace unto His people..Psalm 85:8

So what’s God speaking to you? What is He trying to tell you?

blessings ,angela


7 thoughts on “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

  1. From Joyce Meyer:” Do you want to be emotionally stable and consistently content? If that sounds good to you, you can think yourself into it. Stop meditating on wrong things, getting upset and then thinking and talking about how unstable and discontent you are and repeating that cycle over and over again. Start thinking and saying, ” I am emotionally stable and consistently content. No matter what is going on in my circumstances, I am able to remain calm and loving while I trust God to take care of it.”…I say to that…AMEN AMEN AMEN


  2. Abba, Father God, oh my goodness gracious, as I told my mom,,,’we have done things afraid today and we did awesome’ My heart is becoming braver. My spirit is rising up in the midst of all the brokenness and shattered pieces of our lives and declaring victory. I am standing in the gap for my loved ones, facing these foes fearlessly and confidently because I am trusting in You to take care of all this. We can’t do it without Your help. Call forth Your angelic hosts to guard us in all of our ways. Show forth Your power in my loved ones lives and let them KNOW You are for them and not against them. Jesus, speak to their hearts in such a mighty loving way that they come to KNOW how loved and cared they are, to accept that love and walk in it fearlessly and confidently in this world that is broken and shattered by the hatred and evil that is all around. In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray..amen amen amen


  3. Great post. I am new to blogging and just did a small post today and then opened took yours. I need to change my thought process and know that even though I may be discouraged – He had a plan for me, and my first step is to Trust in Him. Thank you!

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    • Your welcome and enjoy enjoy enjoy blog world. I’ve been at this now for 15 years…I’ve taken a few breaks here and there….bit by bit, step by step.♥ It can be intimating but as we trust in the One Who is leading us, we get stronger…♥

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