My youngest son lost his full time job when the plant closed down a few weeks back.

My husband was laid off today.

Found out on my lunch. Told him he could pick me up after work than!~♥

Didn’t need to take the bus…lol

I can always find blessings, even in the worst conditions.

While we were driving home I started to pray.

Started to rebuke too.

Told the enemy he better back off.


No self pity party for us …

You know, we are in the perfect ‘storm’ for a miracle.

blessings, angela



5 thoughts on “NO SELF PITY PARTY

  1. Tim Keller tweet this morning: “Sometimes God seems to be killing us when he’s actually saving us.” Thanking God for giving you the grace of no-self-pity. Praying for your husband and son. Except for God, this is a blow to the male ego…

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    • I really appreciate your prayers Rebecca. Yes, it is a hard one for the men…I pray much for them both. I heard a story about a fire in the house and the father had to throw the child out the window. The child survived but was a bit banged up. He asked his daddy why would he do that. “To save you son from dying”…


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