It’s hard for me to be positive when I’m surrounded by ‘mess’.

I’m here to tell ya, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean I’m not positive.

Or like I tell the customers when they tell me to have a good day too, “I’m working on it”, or “I’m trying, at least I’m trying. ”

Tonight it’s the rec room or as I call it ‘the man cave’.

Hubby has let it get real dusty.

It doesn’t bother him he says.


Let it go and shake shake it off Ang……

That is his ‘room’ to do whatever.

Not my business to go and start up, stir up and stress up.

Except for the holidays….lol


I wasn’t even going to do a tree or anything down there this year because it is his ‘room’ and the dust was ridiculous.

He dusted.

Ok, folks, I gotta go.

It’s 8 pm. I’m NOT in bed yet….

blessings, angela







I love this scripture above.

It comforts my spirit greatly.

Cleaning schedule is all completed.

Second tree is up in the dining room. Lights and beads are up.

More items were given away. I keep adding to the boxes I have sitting near the front entrance.

Bringing a Rubbermaid bin to work tomorrow that has Christmas decorations.

Donating it all BUT I’m ‘loaning’ out my snowflake tin ornaments….lol

Just NOT ready to give those up…lol♥

Ok folks, I need to rest and relax.

Body is fighting off allergies.

blessings, angela






Since I was able to get the cleaning done yesterday for today’s cleaning schedule, I really didn’t really need to do anything tonight.

It was a late shift for me at work and coming home to clean a kitchen, plus a pantry is NOT the healthiest thing to do.

Laundry, feeding the dogs (not sure anyone fed them while I was gone…grrrr) and a wonderful shower to wash away all the ice cappuccino that is on me..(gotta love Tim Horton’s♥) were what I did instead when I got home♥

I’m ready now to just chill, watch some tv, and get some Vick’s on since I’m all stuffed up.

Second Christmas tree waiting to be set up in the dining room. A chore for tomorrow. Maybe….

peace out folks♥






Fearless and Confident

I have to keep reminding myself that I am a big girl now  and whatever path God leads me to, I got this.

My problem is I DON’T WANT IT.

I don’t want to deal with that. I don’t want to go through that. Excuse me,? I have to put up with that? Your kidding me?

Love. Respect. Honor.

Just got back from going to the basement to get my mop to wipe up the floor in the kitchen.

The floor I just washed.

The floor that my husband accidentally dropped dirty dishes unto the  as he is busy washing the supper dishes.

The entire day has been a very difficult and trying day.

When I came home tonight (after missing my bus and having to wait a half hour for the next one), I did what I had set out to do from the morning.

Got my cleaning schedule done. Plus did tomorrow`s since it will be my long day at work.

Something I wrote on my Facebook page early this morning.

Still holds true tonight.

I want to encourage those of you that may have your day starting off rough. It doesn’t have to continue, taking over your emotions. You have the choice on how your going to look at it and deal with it.

An i or an e?

Being bitter about it and miserable all day,or getting your big girl panties on and be better. Choosing to rise to the occasion and letting the Spirit work in, through and around you.

Your choice.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Galatians 5:22

blessings, angela








Sometimes you have to look REALLY intently to find the blessings.

It’s almost 6 pm. and I’m in bed.

Once I finish writing this post, I’ll get back up and spend some time decorating the tree downstairs in the man cave.

As my dad said to me today, “I only work till I feel like it’s becoming work.”

I want to enjoy decorating my tree. I don’t like the feeling ‘it’s a job’ and I HAVE to get this done NOW.

I don’t even like that with where I work.

I believe where ever I am, there is a purpose.


Well sometimes it’s a no brainer and you do what you need to do, other times you wonder what the heck your supposed to do!~

I’m keeping to my cleaning schedule.

Sunday’s are a ‘day of rest’ for the most part so any extra cleaning or chores I do, is just an added bonus.

I’ve been decorating for Christmas now for 15 days…♥ Still going…lol

I’m praying for Paris and the world.

Peace out folks until tomorrow.♥


blessings, angela





Christmas ornaments.

Maybe five. ……lol

Chores are done.

I now let go of more items and have another two boxes and a bag of items that need to be taken to Redeemed Goods.

I’ve been breaking Christmas ornaments since as long as I can remember.

I still have memories of being around four years old and breaking them.

It’s either my butt, my hand or elbow that will bonk into an ornament and make it come crashing down…lol

That’s how life can be.

We experience breaking points.

It’s what we do with the brokenness that counts, not the breaking point.

Love. Respect. Honor.

For God. For myself (if I can’t love me in a healthy godly way, I won’t be able to love others in Christ). For others.

Join me in praying…

Even when I feel I can’t keep it all together, I declare that I can do all things through Christ. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I am not alone, because He will never leave me nor forsake me. I am not a victim. I am a victor. I have committed my life, my body, my family, my money to God, therefore, He will hold together the things that I have committed to Him. He is even now involved with and accomplishing those things that concern me or trouble me. His Word upholds the universe; therefore I will think, believe and say His Word throughout my day, which is more than enough to hold my world together.

amen amen amen

blessings, angela





I’m all done with the chores.

Christmas tree is light and I’ve begun decorating it.

One bin empty.

It’s been one of those days where negativity, heart ache and hurt are trying to prevail.

Just turn on the news.

Praying for Paris.

Praying for the world.

It is Fearless Friday,. A day where I commit to pray for you. Other precious warrior sisters, daughters of the most High God, have also committed to pray for you.

Please pray for Joey and Rory♥


blessings, angela



Live with passion.

Cleaning Schedule.

Happiness is homemade.

In our home let love abide and bless all those who step inside.


Take command.

Follow your dreams.

I have put up one of my Christmas trees tonight.

In the rec room. The “man cave”, where Randy inhabits.

I have officially emptied out all ‘decorative Christmas bins and have only three bins left now.

All for the Christmas trees…lol

Tonight I was able to get rid of more Christmas items and Randy even gave up a few of his Jeff Gordon’s collection. That is HUGE.

I didn’t think I was going to clean tonight.

A wave of depression came over me and I listened to that voice telling me “why are you even bothering,  it is not making a difference’ and ‘your totally exhausted, you can’t keep up with this pace”.

A vision of  the picture Wendy shared of Alexandria on Facebook, walking down the hallway at McMaster Children’s Hospital came to my mind.

I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart, ‘She’s in great physical pain, you saw it in her face. She is pushing past her pain to do the right thing. This is what it takes to get whole and healthy.’

So if a 9 year old girl can do what it takes to get whole and healthy, so can I.

Tomorrow was going to be my last post for my cleaning schedule. A week already gone by.

I’m doing another week, for me this time.

God knows that I NEED this because I can easily fall back into the old patterns of  doing the  bare minimum.

Tis the season for grey, cold and frigid times and not just physically.

blessings, angela




As I listen to Bing  and White Christmas typing  this blog post out, I am NOT sitting in my quiet time room/pantry.

Nope, not there.

I’m in bed.♥

So ok with it. Have peace. It’s a wise thing to do.

Got all my chores done that needed to get done. Did laundry.

Even went to Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Walmart.

That did bring anxiety but used healthy coping skills and so did hubby….


We were loud at Mark’s though, I will say that….LOL…laughing away here…

I even emptied another Christmas bin. Gave some items away too♥

I’m heading off to read a  bit before  turning in…..

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Know when to rest and when to get a rollin’♥

Resting ALL the time is NOT healthy.

Rollin’ along non stop is NOT healthy.

Middle ground.

Peace out till tomorrow♥

blessings, angela





Well it’s 9:10 pm. and I am NOT IN BED.

….I waited a few seconds to continue writing because I wanted you all to get back in your seats because you fell off…lol

Yes I am still up.

As soon as I get this post up and running, I’m heading down stairs to hang some clothes, THAN I’m going to bed!~

Since I knew this was going to be my late night shift (home by 7:45 pm.), I doubled up on cleaning yesterday.

I cleaned the fridge tonight. That was my goal.

The other one was to decorate.

I’m not ‘feeling’ it right now.

I am listening to Christmas carols though as I type this out.

Ok folks.

I checked in. I’m cleaning.♥

I am even staying up later♥

Well for tonight….


blessings, angela