The goal is to go to bed at 9 pm. every night, or later (which is really a  miracle

I need lots of prayer coverage on this one.

It has become a habit, an anxiety, a phobia.

Going to be early.

It’s been five years now since I’ve gone out into the ‘world’.

Working outside my home.

Leaving my safety place after 20 years of running a home/daycare business.

Dealing with agoraphobia head on.

It can be exhausting.

Reason why I want to go to bed all the time..LOL


There is “healthy rest” and “unhealthy laying around rest.”

So there’s my goal.

Is it 9 yet?….lol

I did get all my cleaning schedule done, even did some baking♥

Almost had a frame smash hubby’s head when I was dusting.

Dusted him…

I told him while all this was unfolding..’I really wish we had a video camera on us right now taping all this’.

We are quite comical I will say that..LOL

blessings, angela




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