“Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for the heart to heart.”

Something I said to a student today while I was sitting outside on my lunch.

With no jacket or sweater on.

Ontario Canada folks in the middle of December.

The young gentleman shared how he lost both parents to cancer in a matter of four years.

5 children without parents to help raise them.

I had gone outside today because I went looking for joy!~

Sat on a bench in a park like setting at the College.

With journal in hand and my cup of tea!~

He’s also a writer and commented on me writing away.

“Very therapeutic”…

Got that right!~

With this Joyful Series that I’m working on, I’m finding joy in the midst of sorrow, hurt, pain and every other feeling that life brings my way.

That’s what we spoke about sitting on the bench this afternoon.

There is joy.

It’s there.

It’s our choice to embrace it or not.

I gave him a high five before we got up to leave and head our separate ways!~

I’m purposely seeking joy each and every day.

I noticed while I was getting my weeks planner all ready that it was pretty much just filled up with work and cleaning. Like oh my gosh…lol

Giggling out loud here now.

So I am purposely working on adding other things unto my daily schedule  other than work and cleaning.

What about you with lists? Planners?

What about your schedule? Anything to add on?

Take off?

Be blessed, the Creator of the Universe loves you!~

blessings, angela







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