“I want to go back to work. At least I get paid and I’m loved.”

My outburst to no one in particular in the house but to everyone in the house.

lol…giggling away here.

I just noticed what it says today on my planner.

“Get Happy and Healthy”.

I had the opportunity of giving one of the students a hug ‘good bye’ today.

I wrote about good byes early this morning on Facebook.


This is me sitting on my break at the College♥

Not only did I hug the student good bye but it was my “thank you” for the card she gave me.

Talk about finding joy even in the hard times, this is what she wrote in her card:

“Thank you for being a wonderful presence in the years at Niagara College that I spent as a Nursing Student. After sleepless nights of studying and stressful clinical evaluation….yours was the smile that always lifted my spirit.

May your heart be filled with love and your soul with peace, so that you could give what you gave to me!

Your beautiful smile!.

Thank you. I will always remember you. Love Moon”

Got tears in my eyes again just reading this.

Finding joy.

How a smile can bring so much joy to someone.

I want thank those of you that have joined me in praying for the students (and teachers) during this extremely stress filled time.

I’m like a mother hen.

My ‘chicks’ have turned out to be really eagles and I need to let them leave the barn and fly!~

Now for the Rooster and the chicks I got in this house….God help me!~

Gotta love them. Gotta love them…lol♥

Blessings everyone.

I’m off now to clean the bathroom!~

Hubby can do the dishes!~♥







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