It’s 9:10 pm. and I am still not in bed…

I’m heading there though as soon as I post this.

Long and busy day. Productive day.

Hubby said he would do the man cave tomorrow.

I kept to the cleaning schedule just did our bedroom since Randy offered to help.

He knew I was beat tired.


Here is my ‘joy’ spot I’ve been going to this week on my lunch.

I couldn’t sit there today since it had rained so I sat on a Santa had on the stairs instead for a bit.

Here is another image that brought me joy that I had to take a picture of it…lol


A Christmas decorating in the Cafeteria♥

Says my name all over it…lol♥

Though I’m exhausted, have loads still to do before being ‘ready’ for Christmas, dealing with ‘stuff’ (everyone has ‘stuff’ in their lives), I’m finding joy in the midst and I thank God for that blessing♥

Thanks for stopping by and hope your found some encouragement.

Blessings, angela



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