I just noticed…’set for the season’ on my agenda!~



This is me heading off to the Mall…….Shopping all on my own!~

Hubby had the nerve to say to me, ‘what’s the big deal?’

Agoraphobic and social phobia deal!~

I turned to him and said..’I’m going to the Mall. At Christmas. All on my own. I got my big girl panties on.’


This is me waiting for hubby to pick me up.

“I can’t shop anymore. There are no buggies and the bags are heavy.”

My comment to hubby when he asked me on the phone, ‘what’s wrong?’

I wanted to shop more, to walk around the Mall and see if I could find what I need.

The bags were too heavy and my carpal tunnel in both wrists started to scream.

Time to go home.


This is me waiting for hubby to pick me up.

It’s absolutely glorious outside. Sun is out and I’m just wearing a Christmas sweater as a jacket sitting on the bench.

I still have so much more to do.

These are the times I miss not driving.

Many of you would have been proud of me as I shopped today.

I put back many items.

I kept reminding myself that I am not buying presents just to buy presents to give to people.

Christmas is not about gifts, it’s about the GIFT given to us.

Jesus Christ.


A bag of ‘gifts’ on my front porch. Given from the heart of Christ’s love.♥

Thanks to Diane for dropping them off♥

Gifts from around the world.

Card from England from Carole♥

My ‘second Church family, First Baptist Church’, sending my family and I love♥

When I noticed them as I got out of the truck from coming back from the Mall, it felt like Abba, God was saying…

“I’m proud of you facing everything  and rising. Here is some blessings to let you know how loved you are.”

I’m determined. I’m not giving up. I’m not waving the white flag of defeat.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

blessings, angela









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