Mother Teresa

Forgive. Don’t wait for the feelings to come to forgive.

Be kind. Just because others may not be, do it anyway.

Be honest. Do the right thing. Ya, it’s hard but do it anyway.

Be happy. Be joy filled. Yes, there will be others that can’t stand it. Don’t let them steal your happiness!~

Be your best. To the world’s view it may not be the best but do it anyway.

Do good. Open the door for someone, smile, say thank you, keep your mouth closed when you really want to tell someone off. Do good!~ Don’t be thinking how your going to be taken advantage of. Do good.

When it’s all said and done, it is between you and God.

Love believes the best. It does not deny the existence of the negative. It just refuses to be controlled by it. Love believes the best.


blessings, angela



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