Just got back from Walmart with Randy.

I can’t find my glasses.

Not since I left there  last night after shopping for close to four hours.

sigh sigh sigh….please pray they turn up!~

After we got home my husband declares, ‘ok, I’m taking a break’.

I’m thinking of everything that has to get done and he wants to sit on his butt and do nothing?

Instantly my spirit rose up and declared that it is healthy to sit down, have a break, recharge, then get right back up  and keep on going!~

That’s doing something.

Of course I will have to time my husband’s break, they cabn run over quite a♥

Mine can too though….♥

Well break over, off to start running here and there and everywhere with comfort and joy!~

Thanking God for the greatest gift given.


Blessings to you and yours this holy season.



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