I shared on my YouTube channel  “freespirithaven” about our Christmas this year.

The amount of presents were minimal but the ‘gifts’ were ENORMOUS.

Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-control.

Sometimes not having a ‘lot’ makes you realize exactly how MUCH you really do have.♥

It’s been a hard Christmas for many this year.

Some losing loved ones so close to Christmas.

Others having to go to the hospital, and a few, spending it in the hospital.

It’s the simple pleasures; the smile, the hug, touch and a rub on the back that make the difference during this Christmas season, and into the New Year.

blessings everyone.







2 thoughts on “SIMPLE PLEASURES

  1. It’s funny, we had a very busy Christmas with too many gifts and I longed for nothing more than a quiet Christmas. I am sick of the pressure of trying to meet everyone’s expectations and feeling frenzied and unable to focus at all on Jesus. That kind of quiet Christmas is exactly what I crave. It sounds like you have your priorities straight. Blessings for 2016!!!


    • Hey beautiful sister ((hugs)) Just like old times♥ This is where we ‘met’ Sarah, through blog land many years ago♥ This is the first year where I asked everyone who was attending to bring a meal dish and a dessert dish. Forever, we have been the ones that have put on all the food with others bringing a few things. I can’t do it anymore and I thank God for that because it was SO much nicer this year. Tons of food was had, hardly any left overs like the years previous. It was perfect. I seriously worked hard to be a Mary instead of Martha in the kitchen doing everything. Planning on doing it again next year, asking those that attend our Christmas Eve party to bring a side dish and a dessert♥


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