Just finished adding contacts into my new cell phone which really is Randy’s old cell phone but still ‘new’ compared to the ancient one I’ve been using for awhile. (Say that sentence three

I’m moving forward with technology.

No more excuses.

Someone asked me to share my cleaning schedule again and some tips on living a frugal life♥

Well one tip is looking at what is a priority where it concerns the bills.

Yes it is a priority to have hydro, gas and water. (I would love to live a self sustainable life ‘off the grid’).

Where we live using these resources offered at different times of the day can save us quite a bit of money throughout the year.

I’m in the process of getting rid of our land line phone, changing insurances companies and letting go of Satellite. Everything and anything that can take a few dollars off here and there, ending up being dollars added too setting us debt free!~

Another tip in living a frugal life, watch out for how much paper products are used and limit it.

Shopping at thrift stores and yard sales♥

I’ve already started a list of items I need for my home  so when I am thrifting or yard saling, these will be the things I will be looking for and NOT everything else that I REALLY don’t need…lol♥

Another frugal tip is living a S.O.D. life.

Simplified. Organized. Decluttered.

They say you need to bloom where your planted but I say you need some S.O.D. to get the blooming♥


blessings, angela






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