When I was a little girl, I went to Italy with my Zizi Rae.

I was 4 or 5, I can’t remember but this is what I looked like♥

I remember a morning being so excited to go outside to play that I got out of bed, got dressed and headed downstairs all on my own while my Aunt and great Aunt were still sleeping, to go out the front door and sit out on the stairs to see who I could play with.

Sat on the stairs and felt my suddenly cold.


I forgot to put my underwear one.

Back inside I went….

Sometimes I can sense God telling me,

“Angela, go and get your big girl pants on and deal with it”.

I’m purposely working on finding and experiencing joy in my life each and every day.

I’m off now to go and do some crafting…♥

I’m just about done filling in the inside of my new journal.♥

Blessings, angela




3 thoughts on “GOING TO TELL YOU A STORY

  1. A sweet picture.. Angela! You have a good start on your journal. Here’s to a New Year of newness and growing together in all sorts of weather..lol! I guess I am thinking of that friends, friends, friends, we will always be, sharing together in all sorts of weather we’ll always be good friends together, or something like that…

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    • I just love your comment ((hugs)) The journal is completed. I hope to do a video to share each page, and talk about the scripture that I will be working on to begin with…♥ Do you know I’m a Mother Hen too…at work!~ That’s what I tell the students when I’m serving them and asking them how they are, do they want to eat something to start their day..lol. “I’m a Mother Hen, I need to take care of you’ is what I tell them..♥

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      • I think for all us that care and watch out for others are Mother Hen’s at heart.. Hey I like that.. You are so industrious.. that will be neat Angela.. My journals start off ok and then go to sloppy.. ):

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