It’s just healthier to listen to your body instead of trying to push it to an unhealthy breaking point.

Today was one of those days where much of what was on the planner wasn’t accomplished.

Not saying that I did nothing because I accomplished much.

I just didn’t get a lot done with my cleaning schedule.

I spent more time on relationships.

Building them, working on them, and fine tuning them.

Some days don’t go as we think they should.

Some relationships don’t go as we think they should.

Part of life.

Teachable moments.

Some days it’s ok to go to bed early.

Tonight will be one of them…lol

blessings angela








4 thoughts on “SOME DAYS

  1. lol. His plans not ours. I did the same thing on my vacation days last week. My family was supposed to be out of town and I was going to get a lot done around the house. Didn’t happen. Family wasn’t able to make the trip so I spent time with them instead of my plans. And loved every minute of it!!!

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    • Plans change but I don’t want my attitude to change from one of peace and joy to one of distress and anger….Thanks for sharing that testimony Lenise♥ You kept your joy and peace..hoot hoot and were greatly blessed.♥


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