Elimination Diet


You know what came to me about this elimination diet?

The last three years I’ve been eliminating all my ‘stuff’.

After TLC approached me to do a segment on “My Crazy Obsession” (which I thought was yard saling but REALLY was collecting stuff) over three years ago LOTS has changed.

I no longer collect over 150 collections.

I’m down to 10 now…lol♥

I’ve eliminated physical weight from my body,  I’ve eliminated people pleasing and seeking approval from people, and I continue to eliminate everything and anything that is NOT what God desires for my life!~

This is something I wrote earlier this morning about this above picture at my weight release group:

Honestly warriors, this is what God has been doing in my life since leaving Walmart to go to Tim Horton’s…These are what I’ve been released from.

In this little tiny 12 by 4 ft kiosk (and 4 by 4 in the ‘tiny tim’s’ kiosk for breaks and lunches).

There is no time to be angry and bitter because of my home life, my relationships, my children and marriage. There is no time to be bitter about my broken down and falling apart home. There is no time to be bitter over the 24/7 physical pain I deal with.

This ‘elimination diet’ since August has helped me be released from anger,regret,resentment, guilt, blame and worry. (I also want to add that FEAR and ANXIETY are being eliminated. Told them both to shut the front door)!~

Emotions and feelings I carried around for most of my life, using it as armor to protect me.

I got me a different kind of armor now.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I’m still learning to walk in this armor but it does fit gloriously on!~

I feel SO much like a princess.

A mighty warrior princess, daughter of the most high God….


blessings, angela




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