I’ve been talking to a few warriors who are struggling with depression.

I got no problem punching depression in the face.

It’s the “come up behind you and put you in a sleeper hold” that is a hard one for me.

One warrior said to me, ‘you put on that face and go about your day, not letting anyone know how depressed you are’.

I believe we end up also not letting ourselves realize how depressed we really are.

We can be in denial.

I’ve learned a few things about depression.

Stress can bring it on. Especially if we are dealing with the stress in an unhealthy and negative way.

Physical illness can trigger it also.

I do believe when we know what we are dealing with, we can move forward in a healthy and stronger journey of life.

I’m struggling with depression right now and I know laughter is SO good.








  1. I joined “Free Spirit Haven” this morning , 2/10 after seeing your article on Father Cedric ‘ s Community Page. And I joined his Community Page on Monday of this week. I listened to bits and piece of your videos on the Youtube channel.

    I suffer from Anxieties aka mood swings which can create much havoc in my life.
    I’m not seeing a therapist nor do I take Meds other than maybe an Aleve when I get a headache or Melatonin tablets to help me sleep! My episodes last a month but after my Mother died October 2002 I went into a complete meltdown where they lasted for 3 to 4 months; I wasn’t getting along with siblings. I turned to our Lord with my problems and he’s been there for me. I shall enjoy listening to your videos and reading your blog for the next 6 weeks; I’ve given up Facebook for Lent. God Bless you Angela , be safe .


    • I was busy talking to my mom on the phone, sharing with her how I broke down crying at work today. Than I noticed I had a comment that needed approval. I began to read out loud to my mom…and ended up breaking down in tears by the time I finished….((hugs))) Oh beautiful warrior princess sister, daughter of the most high God how your words just ministered to my spirit ((hugs)). God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I’m so blessed to have you here with me these next 40 days….(hugs)


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