My goodness gracious what a day. What a night last night.

Modem down last night. Youngest son bursts into my bedroom while I’m in a deep sleep.

“The modem is broken.” Then he proceeds to leave and also leave my door open.

I ended up getting up, shutting the door and going back to bed.

Prayed to have peace of mind and heart.

Prayed for a peace filled sleep.

I’m thankful for the peace of mind and heart I have while going through some difficult times.

I’m so thankful for that peace and rest filled sleep last night♥

I’m thankful that I am using healthier coping skills in dealing with stressful times.

I”m SO thankful I am no longer mafia woman…lol♥ I laugh, but I am so serious. I’m a definitely makes me laugh..♥

I’ve been telling everyone at work who asks about my brace I wear, as I raise my hand in the air, ‘I’m wonder woman’…lol♥

I’m thankful that though I don’t have internet to connect with all my warrior princess sisters, daughters of the most high God, I KNOW they are praying for me, covering me and mine.

I’m thankful that I am covering you and yours with prayers and blessings….


blessings, angela



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