TMI…too much information.

Whatever…gotta tell ya…lol♥

Last night was a doozer for me emotionally and mentally.

I got caught off guard for a few hours and the depression had me by the throat.

I ended up punching depression in the face!~

I shared with a warrior on the phone last night of how after my shower I was busy drying off and just talking to Jesus, thanking Him for helping me through this moment in time when I noticed in SHOCK how absolutely hairy my ankles were.

Seriously…I even said out loud to God Almighty, “seriously, I have to start looking like a man ?”

I was in a state of shock that I allowed the depression to get to that state.

How blind was I? That hair did not grow over night warriors.

My goodness gracious, just thinking about it now brings me in a state of shock♥

I’m snorting

Praise God for laughter.

It did make me think though, ‘oh my goodness gracious I’m really depressed’.

I’m talking I had a fringe around my ankles of hair. Not my legs,Ankles.

As I started to shave, the physically pain on my joints was intense.

So of course I started again talking to God, ‘seriously, I need help here, I can’t do it with this kind of pain’….lol.

Praise God again as I just listened to the Holy Spirit walk me through shaving my ankles without having the pain…hallelujah!~

I’m thankful today for everyone that has been praying for me.

REJOICE because God has heard….oh how you would have cheered me on today…♥

I did good because God is good all the time and all the time God is good…..

blessings my mighty warrior princess sisters, daughters of the most high God…








  1. Oh dear Lord thank you for your faithfulness even when we can’t shave our legs. I am laughing so hard here. Thanks so much for sharing cause laughter is so healing. I love ya.

    from one hairy mama to another. always check your friends ankles to see how they are doing. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh…amen amen amen…I can just see me now checking everyone’s ankles…oh Sandra I love ya…don’t want the fringe happening do we..I really should have taken pictures so everyone could have seen..LOL…and amen to Abba’s faithfulness over our lives…hallelujah!~


  2. Amen Mrs Angela, i just finished praying for all people
    and also my sister and friends of FACEBOOK
    I start again with my blog, but only as time alouds
    keeping it, and in case i can always take a pauze

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