Elimination Diet

A dialogue between a warrior princess sister, daughter of the most high God and I.

My comment:


I believe in being honest and sometimes being brutally honest is what helps me because it helps me get out of the pit of denial.

I told Abba I’m tired of fighting, tired of battling so hard for SO long…it’s been 8 years with job loss and financial struggles…and three years in chronic pain.

I was sad but I had to tell Him “I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life”, I said to Him(just Him, not my family..I’ve done that too before but it’s not between my family and I, or friends and I)..

It’s between God and me because the enemy has me by the throat….I praise God that this is JUST a season and I KNOW He will help me through and out…right now, we do what we can do and just rest in Him until He says..”MOVE forward”…((hugs)) know your loved and prayed for and thanking God for bringing us together.


5 thoughts on “BRUTALLY HONEST

  1. I’m not sure I like my life right now either. I am walking a path of one hard thing after another and some at the same time. But I’m not sure I would change it as it is keeping me close to Him as I would probably get more involved in ME and not Him if life was exciting or fun or just calm. I know that this is just the road to Him i’m walking. Next step is Heaven.

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    • I keep hearing the Holy Spirit say our breakthrough is just there, it’s almost there. I was thinking the same thing about my life today and how if I don’t be wise, my eyes can be focused all on me, myself and I and NOT on the King of kings and the Lord of lords, nor this journey I am on with Him …next step heaven…Heaven on earth..Come Lord Jesus, come, maranatha!~


  2. “Moving Forward” when our Lord gives us permission to do so! When the time is right and a few days after I come out of my depressive period, our Lord gives me the courage to do what I must; pay bills [which are overdue], clean up my person [take an overdue shower] ectera!

    Have a Blessed Sunday with your Family Angela!

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    • the sun BURST out of the clouds just now as I read your comment…Jesus showing up♥ Thanks for sharing. Last week I had a very long over do shower and a change of clothes…oh how that depressive period can make us vagabonds…..Praise God where we are now is NOT forever…hallelujah!~


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