I’m thankful for these wise words from a warrior:

I thank God for all the brokenness in my life, though I did not understand it at the time, all you could feel was pain. But the brokenness, lead to something new and better. I love how God uses the message of pruning, cutting off. It hurts but it leads to life , better growing, before… yeah your alive but barely, for the other parts of your vine and branches are sucking the life out of you. So God cuts off the bad, so you can grow, to become the best version of yourself.

I’m thankful for these wise words from Melody Beattie:

When you find yourself rescuing, watch for the role and mood shifts. When you catch yourself feeling resentful or used, figure out how you rescued.  Practice non-rescuing behaviors: Say no when you want to say no. Do things you want to do. Refuse to guess what people want and need; instead insist that others ask you directly for what they want and need from you. Begin to ask directly for what you want and need. Refuse to assume other people’s responsibilities. When you initially stop taking care of people who are used to having you take care of them, they may become angry or frustrated. You’ve changed the system, rocked the boat. It means more work for them, and they can’t use you anymore. Explain to them what you are doing, and allow them to be responsible for their feelings. They may thank you for it later. They may even surprise you – sometimes the people we thought least able to take care of themselves, can, when we stop taking care of them.

I’m thankful to God’s Word:

Proverbs 29:25The Message (MSG)

25 The fear of human opinion disables;
    trusting in God protects you from that.

What are you thankful for?





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