I never imagined when I wrote this in My Utmost for His Highest ,Oswald Chamber’s devotional book in 1999 that 17 years later I would be living this as a life style.

This journey of life, the journey of getting whole and healthy, mind , body and spirit has become one crazy, amazing, adventure!~

Here is my story:

Angela’s Story: Scales Don’t Determine Your Success

I can’t thank God enough for the ‘signs’ that were everywhere, showing me, leading  me, guiding to this life style!~

“When a man made a life changing discovery and told friends who told friends”.

A simple truth!~


I’m so thankful for the tribe God has brought me too!~


We each have our own story.

It’s truly a beautiful story, even though each of us will have some ‘horror’ story parts.

“A study of one is a look at yourself (or one other person) to see whether a change in lifestyle offers any readily measured improvement in health. The change being tested may be a change in diet, a change in eating schedule, a new exercise program or any other lifestyle change.” Dr. Bert Herring

Study of One

Talking about the word diet..

Daily intake of Enriched Time.

Did I enrich today?

How are you going to enrich your life today warrior?

Remember, it is intake!~

How are you going to intake enriched time today?

I hope your time here with me has enriched this moment in time for you and your day!♥

blessings, angela








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