strong woman

Since taking a break from my Face book page I’ve been contemplating on the direction I want to go when I do come back.

Am I to go back to finding out what everyone is going to be eating that night?

Will I start by greeting you with blessings?

I’m not sure.

One thing I am sure of, I’ll be doing a LOT of talking, sharing and doing videos of me on my journey of reaching goal and losing 36 lbs with AC: The Power of Appetite Correction.

I truly can’t thank God enough times for leading me on that 40 Day Fast in 2008, which lead me to learning about  the  life changing benefits of AC: The Power of Appetite Correction.

I’m thankful for my tribe of fasting warriors who have forged ahead and helped bring freedom to those of us who have struggled with food addictions for most of our lives.

I’m forging ahead.

Sharing my own story on this journey of life.

Bit by bit, step by step.

Whole and healthy!~

blessings, angela






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