I can fly


“Seriously God?  Not only for the world to see but my community, where I live?”

I started quoting some scriptures to Him about fasting and not letting everyone know about it.

He wasn’t impressed…LOL.

Oh my…..

Those of you that have been following along on this journey of life with me, or as I just finished reading somewhere, ‘our journey going home’…(I’m fighting off not getting teary eyed), you know how I used too suffer with panic attacks, social anxiety and phobias.

Now I struggle through them, facing everything and rising to the challenge.

Well this weight release stuff I’m not too happy about…lol

I asked God why I couldn’t do this between Him and I.

Who cares about the world and their weight issues?

I just love this quote: “when a man made a life changing discovery and told a friend who told a friend”.

I have 36 lbs to reach my goal.

Each day I’m going to post and share how I did.

I don’t know when I will share the losses since I don’t weigh myself much…lol♥

giggling out loud here…..

Honestly, I know I was not called to fall but to fly….

Each of us have been.

It’s our choice to fly or not……

blessings, angela







    • No you don’t Denise…you are in maintenance with your weight. you are at a place where I’m going to where I am maintaining a healthy and whole life style.
      You don’t need to lose any weight. I believe the Dr.’s would all agree correct?


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