Finished an afternoon shift at Niagara College in the cafeteria!~

Wasn’t too sure what I was going to do with my eating window.

Would I eat on my lunch or wait till I got home?

It would mean that I would be having a longer fast time though.

I tell everyone that I’m are very popular at Niagara College.

Could be because  I’m working in the Cafeteria at the Tim Horton’s Kiosk.♥ lol

We are always busy. It is an extremely fast paced environment.

You need a lot energy!~

So with Appetite Correction, I have been able to run like the energizer bunny!~

Not only that, but being surrounded by all that food and being able to eat it all if I want?

Gotta love it!~

Ok, I’m off, need to finish my supper, then get garbage and head off to relax.

5 a.m. comes soon!~

blessings, angela


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