Just found this tag at House Of Fifty Face book page.

Ironic that I would find it now after my video I did last night called Rockin’ 50…

I shared this picture on my Face book page with the caption that said:

There will always be stress in this life.

It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Stress can hold you back.

Or propel you towards success.

Choose well warriors!~

While on House Of Fifty’s post, I began reading some of the comments that were left.

I noticed some took quite an offense. Totally missing the message.

Broke my heart that  they didn’t ‘get it’.

sigh sigh sigh.

This is my response to a few of those comments I read…

We live in a busy world. We live in a stress filled world. It’s our choice how our heart is in this busy and stress filled world. No matter if I do not have a job, or money to pay the bills, not sure if we are going to be homeless. I am not being idealistic when I say I have JOY, even IN THE MIDST OF THE STORMS. I don’t care that I am a mother, wife entrepreneur, student, daughter to two senior citizen’s and one of them having health issues my entire life. I am NOT being selfish and dishonorable by letting my family fend for themselves because family is about team work. We all need to take responsibility for our actions. Responsibility for our words. Responsibility for our thoughts. …CHOOSE WELL…..


3 thoughts on “CHOOSE WELL

    • Hey mighty spiritual mama!~ I’ve been meaning to call you to ask you about setting up a time to connect♥ I went to pick up the phone this morning but it was WAY too early on your end still♥ one day….


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