My Crown

You know me and triggers.

I’m trigger happy…lol

All joking aside though, do you know what your triggers are?

The triggers that I have become aware of since being on this journey of weight release are numerous.

sigh sigh sigh…I gotta be a diva in♥

giggling away here….ok,  back to my triggers…

Being tired.

I have used food to keep me up when a walk outside, or even a few squats, a drink of water or make myself a cup of tea would be healthier than eating to stay awake..♥

Stress, but not in the moment.

After, when everything begins to settle.

I used food to comfort and reward myself for making it through another traumatic episode of whatever I was dealing with.


Laying around and doing nothing but watching tv, or reading, or even sitting at the computer, I can mindlessly eat and not even realize how much was consumed till after the fact.


sigh sigh sigh…….I have used food to self medicate.


Sorrow and hurt.

There is probably more but that’s about all I want to share  for right now.

The kettle is boiling for my tea♥


blessings, angela







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