Sleeping with wolves

Without fear!~

Facing everything and rising.

This weight release journey has had me let go and shake off a lot of stuff other than the physical weight.

Letting go of over 150 collections of stuff.  Yes, you read correctly…..sigh…lol

Letting go of 35 years of smoking cigarettes.

Letting go of dysfunctional behaviors.

A lot of sweat and tears were let go.

Losing the physical weight is also a process of letting go of the negative fatty thought issues.

“She slept without fear…”.

Having that assurance that everything is going to be alright.

It doesn’t matter if we have 30 pounds or 130 pounds to lose, it is NOT just about the physical weight.

As we lose the weight, we also will gain benefits that will far out weigh what we have lost.

I find strength in the fasting state.  My memory is sharpened, not groggy or fuzzy. I’m able to deal with stress in healthier way and with more positive outcome.

I have been up since 5:15 a.m. and been going all day. Broke my fast after 22.5 hours. Eating window was a short one, 1.5 hours before I closed it again.

I am keeping my window of eating small right now because I have been dealing with some really stressful circumstances right now.

As I have shared in the previous post,  ,stress is a trigger for me to mindlessly eat.

Don’t want that.

I can eat a lot in a short period of time too, so I have to be extremely diligent to stay focused and not mindlessly eat just anything during my window of eating.

Well there is my Study of One for tonight.

How’s your Study of One doing?

Study of One

blessings, angela







6 thoughts on “MOVING FORWARD

  1. Angela, how good to read your words…I read them and felt “these words give strength and life”! You are so right, I have read that before that losing physical weight also allows us to release “clutter” and collections and other things more easily! I really admire how you are showing such self control! So glad to read your wise words!!


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