Tomorrow is my future grand baby’s shower.

As I sit and type this out, I look over my lap top screen and see the mounds of wonderful baked goods.

In the kitchen I have 48 eggs that need to be shredded and 24 cans of tuna that need to be opened so I can make 80 sandwiches.

I also will be baking 6 dozen double chocolate chip cookies.

Forgive me to those  of you that this post may trigger you too want to eat. Not my intention here…lol♥

My intention is to share that in every day life, we live where food is always around us.

There is always an occasion to eat.

Society and culture  has made it where if you do not partake in eating at these occasions, you are being rude and offensive towards others.

One thing about Fast-5, we can move our eating window to fit our schedules, the demands and our environment.

Another thing about this way of eating , we no longer go by the dictates of what society and culture concerning food has placed upon us and the belief system that is tied to it. .

More like shackled and chained for me…♥ Just sayin’..lol

I won’t be breaking my fast even though my mind, my emotions and my eyes are saying..’eat, eat, eat’.

When I break my fast, I want to be eating some pretty awesome yummy food. Fill my tummy with goodness!~ And mercy!~♥…..That hasn’t always been the case with me and honestly can still struggle with.

While I am on this journey to get to my destination, I am making sure I D.I.E.T.

Did I Enrich Today?

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me.

Know your loved and prayed for….


blessings, angela





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