I’ve been a faster since 2008.

Fasting for a certain amount of time and not having any food or caloric drinks.

Well I’ve fasted the food but the caloric drinks, that’s another story…lol♥

Dr. Bert Herring at goes into great detail about what our bodies do when we are in the fasting state and it’s pretty amazing♥ Transforming. The science that goes into it..oh my goodness!~

He has said if not being able to have some kind of cream in your coffee is going to keep you from fasting, then have some but try too cut it out as much as possible.

Today, I say it again…TODAY….

I was able to go ALL day till last break at 2:15 with non caloric drinks.

The caloric drink was a large coffee with some ice and one small cream in it♥

Getting to that time with only having black tea was do able. I was able to keep up with the fast pace at work with quite a bit of energy.

Before last break I was getting tired.

I don’t  think it had to do with fasting but with stressful circumstances.

So after 8 years of fasting my way, this black sheep is changing her♥

Giggling away here.

I want the FULL benefit of fasting.

So I’m going to be  diligent in keeping to having my drinks black♥

blessings, angela




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